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LOL. Brain dump. No order.

1. A penis that flails around like a used car lot wind sock thingy never fails to amuse. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2c2Im1Ph9Lo

2. Werewolf - Couldn’t finish wiki article on omni thingy. Had a young intact male dog and older spayed female. At night male skittered down hall and desperately snuffled under door crack whining for female. He slept in a crate so he wouldn’t drive her insane with incessant humping. He spent a lot of time licking his male bits.

3. Architectural? Folios for Shakespeare, scrolls for Socrates, big clay tub for Diogenes? Giant dildo house for multi dimensional ”Flavio” the romance novel hero? He has to keep renovating house according to the texture euphemism of the day.

4. Stephenson’s Anathema had genetically engineered page trees - leaves are collected to use as archival paper. A non GMO dryad as an anarcho marxist. I’m trying too hard.

5. Little libraries - hilarious to print & donate this story into little libraries, waiting rooms, book drives.

Go to sleep. Thank you as always.

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