In much the same way that everything is late, also here’s a whole outline and massive spoilers for both Ambergris and Trebucehet
Ambergris Ambergris Ambergris (appear like Beeteljuice)
Going to be busy for the next week. Here’s something totally unrelated from my Google Drive in the meantime. Mostly to show what my stuff is like when…
Trebuchet Ambergis Swordfish Minerva Random Words Random Racists
Also Trebuchet I’m calling you out to comment
It won’t just be people talking anymore but Ambergris plus whoever you have to admit the Saurus is a genius idea
Fragrant Whale Barf, Forgot Last Post
As always, Harvey’s shirt and school jacket were neatly pressed. His miniskirt, by contrast, barely hid anything at all and his fishnet stockings were…
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